Thank you for your feedback!

Here are a few of the awesome messages we’ve received from our viewers:

“…My body and my soul are forever grateful…” Rie K.

“OMG…I just wanna scream it from the top of a mountain how great it is!” – Randy D.

“Thanks for easily one of the best and most moving dance performances I’ve ever been to!…”– Michael A.

“Awáa was absolutely phenomenal. If you can see her work, DO IT!” – Jesse A.

“My best friend from college, Karyn Klein said it was one of the best performances she has ever seen!” – Alice W.

“Thank you Aszure Barton for an absolutely breathtaking performance. I need to see Awáa again. Speechless.” – Kate T.

“…I loved the fish & the water. Loved the vocabulary & how it culminated in that water trio. Smart work”– Jamal R.

“It is a pleasure being moved by live performance. Thank you for challenging us to slow down + question” – Terence K.

“THANK U! I saw your show & I am crying so much! I have never seen a dance work that powerful” – Daisy S.

“HOLY SH*T! Thank you Aszure Barton and artists.” – Tim W.