Review: English National Ballet, Fantastic Beings indeed!

“…Fantastic Beings. Of all the voices this evening, Barton’s is the one I hear most clearly: someone who is confident of what she can coax from the dancers, skilled in putting it together with subtle and witty imagery (enhanced by Burke Brown’s lighting and Michelle Jank’s costumes), and assured in making the music an equal partner to the choreography. … the technical demands Barton brings out of the dancers are inspired and in turn the dancers — particularly Isaac Hernandez — respond with a precision, clarity and imagination that is thrilling to see. Fantastic beings indeed.” – Nicholas Minn, Writing About Dance


English National Ballet's Laurretta Summerscales in Aszure Barton's Fantastic Beings - image by Laurent Liotardo

English National Ballet’s Laurretta Summerscales in Aszure Barton’s Fantastic Beings – image: Laurent Liotardo