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Springboard dancers performing Aszure Barton's Mais Oui (extracts)

Springboard Montréal participants performing extracts of Aszure Barton’s Mais Oui | Blue Soup       [Image by Michael Slobodian]

AUDSHOP: [od-shop], noun
Aszure Barton & Artists offer residencies, master classes and workshops to ignite interest and enthusiasm for dance by sharing and exploring her unique creative process with students of all ages and levels. The class consists of exploring human gesture and movement from the inside out by using company repertoire as well as visualization and improvisation techniques and tasks. By focusing on the importance of process; an environment of constant motion and change, inherent in Ms. Barton’s work, the class will discover balance in their idiosyncrasies within the power of the group through collaboration and fostering of individuality. Please contact for further information.

“I felt more valuable and open to bring as much of my self to my dancing – knowing that regardless if I was a right fit or not I knew you had seen something in me. I thought that was really powerful.”
– audshop participant, 2013