NY’s Village Voice Review


“A cast of four women and three men are illuminated by spotlights and four hanging lightbulbs in an all-black setting for Indomitable Waltz. Fernando Benet begins the piece with a phrase of joint isolations: a shoulder pulled out to the side, followed by his torso taking a winding trip to reach its new destination. His thoughtful facial expressions shine like one of the starlike bulbs from above, bringing vulnerability to his solid frame. He and his castmates wear black and gray practice clothes to reveal muscular bodies. At moments, long limbs undulate, only to punctuate a step with an awkward jerk or a hunched back. As Barton explains in the interview supplementing the Joyce’s program notes, “The process, and ultimately the dance, manifested in an intimate exploration of the soul.” Flashes of beauty and ease jut up against uncomfortable contortions; Barton seems to be experimenting with the messy imperfections of human existence. While a waltz-step was nowhere to be found, the score included one. The Balanescu Quartet and Nils Frahm made up the wafting string sounds and occasional plucks of joy that accompanied the dancers’ physicalized anguish. Yet for Barton, as the piece’s title indicates, the soul’s dance on earth seems to be unbeatable.” Click here to read full review.