REVIEW: Nonett + A dance essay about life


Nonett – A dance Essay about life

Prologue to the first blog text “Nonett – A Dance Essay on Life”

For a long time now I have been using the idea of ​​regularly publishing texts on moments of life that seem to me to be put into a special light through words and to give these moments such an even greater emphasis.

Now finally came the last impulse to implement this project:

The new creation of the renowned Canadian choreographer Aszure Barton with “my” young dancers of the Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich (formerly State Ballet II) has enchanted me. At the Bosl Matinee on May 6, 2018 on the stage of the Bavarian National Theater.

And the magical work was so strong that I finally realize my plan.


I love art and culture. Especially dance. For me, art in all its forms is the soul of our society, and I believe that we need people who care completely for the soul and spirituality of our society. Give yourself.

I am often in the theater and see a lot of art on stage. Nevertheless, it rarely happens that I experience what I experienced at “Nonett” in the Bavarian National Theater at the Bosl-Matinee: A feeling of deep understanding in my being human. My human being spread out and mirrored in a choreography. An energy that encloses me as a spectator from the stage. Magic. Transcendence.

It was as if the Canadian choreographer Aszure Barton had a magic powder on the nine dancers on the stage and blew us in the auditorium. It has enchanted and reminded us that dance – and therefore life itself – does not always need action and drama, but that life, with its everlasting changes, can unfold a magic that we can not escape and that all of us share combines.