Review: Frankfurter Allgemeine


“The leading dance house in contemporary dance,” Sadler’s Wells Theater “, has now presented the ENB with the program” Voices of America “, starting with a very fast-paced, elegant, eclectic work by Canadian Aszure Barton, who was born in 2016 for the ENB.” Fantastic Beings “to contemporary orchestral music by Mason Bates.” Anthology of Phantastic Zoology “is an original, high-culturally upgraded film-accompaniment music that Barton has crafted into richly detailed, musical-like, mercurial motion streams for the large group.

Twenty dancers dressed in dark, high-necked whole-body jerseys glide across the stage in front of a star-studded night sky. Animal movements dictated by instincts dissolve with classical, dynamically performed, beautiful steps. Despite the fact that Barton makes use of various dance idioms, you will not be bored for a second. Because she is a true master of phrasing, she surprises by the seemingly random juxtaposition of Cunningham and Broadway, Break or Balanchine. It serves every beat and gag of the music, but so flattering and pointed that it somehow ennobles this music. “Fantastic Beings” is refined. “

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