REVIEW: FIVE STARS! Voices of America

ENB unleashes another triumph with Voices of America bringing the opening night audience to a standing ovation: I have rarely seen anything so THRILLING – Do NOT miss.

fantastic beings image

By Stefan Kyriazis

“FANTASTIC BEINGS: 5 stars – Aszure Barton’s 2016 opener, Fantastic Beings, was packed with references to the classic days of Jerome Robbins and Balanchine but felt new and deliriously delightful. The extraordinary play between the beautiful choreography, lighting, costumes and music made this a complete piece of art. A feast for the senses, it called to mind the similarly glorious effect of Akram Khan’s Giselle.The unequivocably flawless dancers radiated their joy in every move, often making eye contact with the audience, drawing us in and never letting go.The music by Mason Bates, titled Anthology of Fantastic Zoology, was perfectly brought to life by a stampeding corps or sinuous solo. Isaac Hernandez was as technically and lyrically impressive as always and matched by a cast on phenomenal form. There were moments of utter beauty of line, of movement and even of stillness.It ended on a cascading deluge of giant silver glitter and the entire piece lingers in my mind like the after-image when you close your eyes after gazing at a almost too bright light. I simply can not wait to see it again.”Click here to read the whole review.