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A wonderful success at Teatro alla Scala!

Aszure Barton's Mahler 10

Cover Girl

Aszure Barton DANZA

Fantastic Beings in London at Sadler’s Wells

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English National Ballet, Fantastic-Beings-by-Aszure-Barton. Image by Laurent Liotardo

English National Ballet, Aszure Barton’s Fantastic-Beings,  Image by Laurent Liotardo

Aszure returns to Houston Ballet next season!

We are thrilled to announce that Aszure will be return to Houston Ballet next season. For more info click image below!

Aszure Barton's Angular Momentum (2012)

Aszure Barton’s Angular Momentum (2012)

Aszure Barton and Teatro alla Scala

Aszure’s new creation is under way! The world premiere of Mahler 10 at Teatro alla Scala is just around the corner!


Culture Vulture Article


“Aszure brings a unique joy and capacity that meets up with a current that runs through the dancers, its essential element posing the question: Where do we come from? The dancers come from a specific culture that informs how they work. Aszure was faced with the problem of how to create a work of art without being familiar with that culture. She demonstrated her capacity to go deep, discovering and offering a new vision tied into her relationship with each dancer, each of who has his or her own obsessions, insecurities, and values.” Click here to read full article

NY’s Village Voice Review


“A cast of four women and three men are illuminated by spotlights and four hanging lightbulbs in an all-black setting for Indomitable Waltz. Fernando Benet begins the piece with a phrase of joint isolations: a shoulder pulled out to the side, followed by his torso taking a winding trip to reach its new destination. His thoughtful facial expressions shine like one of the starlike bulbs from above, bringing vulnerability to his solid frame. He and his castmates wear black and gray practice clothes to reveal muscular bodies. At moments, long limbs undulate, only to punctuate a step with an awkward jerk or a hunched back. As Barton explains in the interview supplementing the Joyce’s program notes, “The process, and ultimately the dance, manifested in an intimate exploration of the soul.” Flashes of beauty and ease jut up against uncomfortable contortions; Barton seems to be experimenting with the messy imperfections of human existence. While a waltz-step was nowhere to be found, the score included one. The Balanescu Quartet and Nils Frahm made up the wafting string sounds and occasional plucks of joy that accompanied the dancers’ physicalized anguish. Yet for Barton, as the piece’s title indicates, the soul’s dance on earth seems to be unbeatable.” Click here to read full review.

“masterful” LA TIMES


The final work, choreographer Aszure Barton’s “Indomitable Waltz,” from 2016, was the gem of the night, a piece of gorgeous scene-setting from the very first moment, when the dancers magically appeared from the black backdrop. Barton pulled bravura from each dancer without drawing attention to herself or her cleverness.”

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This week at The Joyce Theater in NYC

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Aszure Barton's Indomitable Waltz | Pictured: Osnel Salgado

Aszure Barton’s Indomitable Waltz | Pictured: Osnel Salgado

Barton | Kylian | Bejart

barton, Kylian, Bejart

A review by Laura Bleiberg


Malpaso Review LA times

Aszure Barton + Indomitable Waltz + CUBA


“The evening began with a piece staged to offer no distractions. The dancers performed in black stockinged feet, tight black shorts, and sports bras and tops, as though we had interrupted them in rehearsal. Lighting and backdrop were minimal in a refreshing artistic choice that placed all the attention on the dancing, which was extraordinary. The piece, Indomitable Waltz, choreographed by award-winning choreographer Aszure Barton…” –

Aszure Barton's Indomitable Waltz | Image by Rose

Aszure Barton’s Indomitable Waltz | Image by Rose Eichenbaum


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Aszure Barton's BUSK - Image by Mary Mallaney, USC

Aszure Barton’s BUSK – Image by Mary Mallaney for USC Kaufman

BUSK at USC Kaufman starts today!

Aszure Barton's BUSK

Aszure Barton’s BUSK

Malpaso is currently touring Indomitable Waltz!

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Malpaso duet

““I feel that the piece is an exploration of the human soul under extreme emotional circumstances. It’s a very refined and sophisticated work developed through improvisation and collaboration with the Malpaso dancers.” – Fernando Saez

Aszure Barton | Jiri Kylian | Maurice Bejart

In an exciting triple bill, Teatro alla Scala performs the works of Aszure Barton, Jiří Kylián, & Maurice Béjart. This program will premier on March 10th through April 7th, 2018 in Milano. For tickets and information click here.scala

Aszure and Teatro alla Scala!

Aszure has just been in Milan for ten days planting the seeds for my new creation with Teatro alla Scala! This new work, titled Mahler 10, will premier in March of next year. For performance dates and more info click here.

Milano. Image by Aszure Barton

Milano. Image by Aszure Barton

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Here are a few of the awesome messages we’ve received from our viewers:

“…My body and my soul are forever grateful…” Rie K.

“OMG…I just wanna scream it from the top of a mountain how great it is!” – Randy D.

“Thanks for easily one of the best and most moving dance performances I’ve ever been to!…”– Michael A.

“Awáa was absolutely phenomenal. If you can see her work, DO IT!” – Jesse A.

“My best friend from college, Karyn Klein said it was one of the best performances she has ever seen!” – Alice W.

“Thank you Aszure Barton for an absolutely breathtaking performance. I need to see Awáa again. Speechless.” – Kate T.

“…I loved the fish & the water. Loved the vocabulary & how it culminated in that water trio. Smart work”– Jamal R.

“It is a pleasure being moved by live performance. Thank you for challenging us to slow down + question” – Terence K.

“THANK U! I saw your show & I am crying so much! I have never seen a dance work that powerful” – Daisy S.

“HOLY SH*T! Thank you Aszure Barton and artists.” – Tim W.


Thank you Los Angeles!

It was absolutely wonderful sharing Awáa in LA! Thank you to everyone who came to see us! I can not thank you enough for being there. What an emotional ride it was! @fordtheatres @musiccenterla #thankyou #LALALAWAA

Aszure Barton's "breathtaking" Awáa -  Photo by Timothy Norris for the Ford Theatres

Aszure Barton’s “breathtaking” Awáa –
Photo by Timothy Norris for the Ford Theatres


Aszure Barton's Awáa

#LALALAWAA — Los Angeles, August 18th!

Aszure Barton's rehearsal at Ford Theatres

Aszure Barton’s rehearsal at Ford Theatres

Aszure + Cuba + Martha’s Vineyard

Today in Martha’s Vineyard —

Aszure Barton's Indomitable Waltz

Aszure Barton’s Indomitable Waltz



Awáa will be performed in Los Angeles on August 18th. Click image for details!


JULY 26, 2017

by Amin El Gamal

The sound of water gushing forms an infectious beat as a group of male dancers sways their hips. The dancers seem to encompass all and no genders, evoking both an ancient ritual and the sass of 90s voguing culture. This is the delicious world of renowned choreographer and dancer Aszure Barton. Her show Awáa will make its Los Angeles (and outdoor) debut at the Ford on August 18, presented in partnership with The Music Center On Location.

Awáa means “one who is a mother” in the language of the Haida, an indigenous people living on Canada’s west coast. The title encompasses the evening’s celebration of motherhood and creation. In addition to an ensemble of seven of the world’s finest dancers, there are also video elements and original scores from composers Lev Zhurbin and Curtis MacDonald.

A native of Canada, Barton’s work has been seen from Broadway to Russia and most places in between. She has collaborated with the likes of Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Martha Graham Dance Company, to name a few. Barton is a recent Los Angeles transplant and she was generous enough to chat with me about some of her inspirations for Awáa. Check out the full interview below:

Aszure Barton's Awáa

Aszure Barton’s Awáa

What was your first inspiration for Awáa? 

Aszure Barton: My choreography grows out of conversations with the artists with whom I am working. The seed for this particular work was planted when I spoke to one of my collaborators (a dancer) about his mother. This work celebrates her and all of our mothers. It celebrates life and what it means to be human.

It’s been a few years since the show’s inception. Has its meaning evolved or changed in the context of recent events? 

Aszure Barton: The work is constantly evolving. This particular performance in LA is incredibly exciting as it is the first time we will perform it outside. It feels appropriate and will be a total adventure!

Can you share a story or moment from the process of creating Awáa?  

Aszure Barton: A lot of the creation took place at The Banff Centre (in Alberta, Canada), courtesy of Kelly Robinson (former theater and program director at Banff). Early in the process, I had a vivid dream that was a direct response to the themes we had been exploring in the studio. In this dream, I was submerged in water while sitting in an old rocking chair. It was very powerful and I decided that I needed to recreate it with my team. I ran to Kelly’s office and asked him if he would help in making it come to life. He was a total rock star in facilitating the space and my awesome collaborators were committed. Tobin de Cuore (dancer and videographer) led the way and captured some of the most beautiful underwater video footage I’ve ever seen. The ability to manifest this dream I had into reality fed the process and the visuals help carry us through the work.

What excites you most about presenting it on the Ford Amphitheatre stage? 

Aszure Barton: The space is absolutely gorgeous and the setting is also very appropriate for the work. This is the first time my work is being seen in Hollywood, on a stage built into a canyon no less. Come on!

How did you first come to dance/choreography?

Aszure Barton: I am the youngest of three girls in my family. My mother is incredibly passionate about dance. She celebrates it and, through her, we all fell in love with dance. My father loves dancing too. I moved away from home at 14 to attend private ballet school and I started to create and present choreography publicly when I was about 15. I loved bringing my friends together and designing my own principles, I loved the freedom in being creative and I loved having a voice and still do.

What advice might you give a young artist?

Aszure Barton: You are capable of anything you can dream of, but no one is going to hand it to you. You need to build it yourself. So dream as hard as you’re willing to work. Also, don’t only watch dance on a screen. Dance is alive and needs to be experienced in real life.

Why should people come see Awáa? 

Aszure Barton: To celebrate dance. To celebrate our mothers. To celebrate Mother Earth. To celebrate music. To celebrate being gay, straight, gender fluid; you. To celebrate being born. And to enjoy watching some of the most beautiful dancers/artists on the planet.

Aszure Barton’s Awáa performs on Friday, August 18 at 8:30 PM at the Ford Theatres. Tickets and info here.


Los Angeles + Tickets on sale now!


Hollywood awaa

New York Times + our Los Angeles venue

Aszure’s Awáa will be presented at this incredibly beautiful venue on August 18th. JOIN US!!! For tickets click here.

To peruse the @NYTimes article in @NYTimes click here.

The newly renovated Ford Theatres will be hosting Aszure Barton's Awáa on August 18th!

Hollywood’s newly renovated Ford Theatres will be hosting Aszure Barton’s Awáa on August 18th!

AB’s ‘BUSK’ in Holland

Congratulations!!!!!!! BUSK was performed in Amsterdam at the Brakke Grond last week. “It was a piece of unearthly magic and garnered us a standing ovation!” – Artemis Gordon, Arts Umbrella.

Aszure Barton's BUSK - Aszure Barton & Artists

Aszure Barton’s BUSK – Aszure Barton & Artists

AB’s ‘Untouched’ in Montréal

Jojo is working with the dancers of Springboard Montréal! They will perform excerpts of Aszure’s work this month!




AB’s ‘Indomitable Waltz’ in Cleveland

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Aszure Barton's Indomitable Waltz -  image by Judy Ondrey

Aszure Barton’s Indomitable Waltz –
image by Judy Ondrey

Aszure Barton + Teatro alla Scala

We are thrilled to announce that Aszure will be collaborating with La Scala Ballet – Teatro alla Scala next season. She will create a new work titled Mahler 10 to the Adagio from Mahler’s unfinished 10th Symphony. The premiere will take place in Milan in March 2018. Stay tuned for more information!

Teatro alla Scala

Teatro alla Scala

AB’s ‘BUSK’ in Vancouver

Tomorrow through Sunday Arts Umbrella dancers will perform excerpts of Aszure Barton’s BUSK. Click here for tickets!

Aszure Barton's BUSK

Aszure Barton’s BUSK

Washington Post

“So it is in life. Light and dark are in constant flux. But typically, the extremes get all the attention. It’s the anguishes and ecstasies that mostly interest us; the ability to cope rarely makes for a compelling story. But in Barton’s hands, equanimity provides a rich vein of material, and serenity is a deeply moving aesthetic.” – Washington Post. #Awáa


“Barton is clearly brilliant.” San Fransisco Chronicle

AB’s ‘Come in’ in Toronto!

Siphe November in Aszure Barton's 'Come in'

Siphe November in Aszure Barton’s ‘Come in’

‘Come in’ will be performed next week in Toronto

Siphe November in Aszure Barton's "Come in' at Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia

Siphe November in Aszure Barton’s “Come in’ — Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia

AB’s ‘Happy Little Things’ this week in Boston

Aszure Barton's Happy Little Things (Waiting On a Gruff Cloud of Wanting) - Image N. Melville

AB’s ‘Adam is’ in Munich

Aszure Barton's Adam is | Image by Werner Reichel

Aszure Barton’s Adam is | Image by Werner Reichel

Aszure Barton + Bayerisches Staatsballett


AB’s ‘Indomitable Waltz’ in Chicago

Tickets are available here!