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“So it is in life. Light and dark are in constant flux. But typically, the extremes get all the attention. It’s the anguishes and ecstasies that mostly interest us; the ability to cope rarely makes for a compelling story. But in Barton’s hands, equanimity provides a rich vein of material, and serenity is a deeply moving aesthetic.” – Washington Post


“Barton is clearly brilliant.” San Fransisco Chronicle

Tonight in Toronto!

Siphe November in Aszure Barton's 'Come in'

Siphe November in Aszure Barton’s ‘Come in’

‘Come in’ will be performed next week in Toronto

Siphe November in Aszure Barton's "Come in' at Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia

Siphe November in Aszure Barton’s “Come in’ — Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia

This Thursday through Sunday in Boston

Aszure Barton's Happy Little Things (Waiting On a Gruff Cloud of Wanting) - Image N. Melville

This evening in Munich

Aszure Barton's Adam is | Image by Werner Reichel

Aszure Barton’s Adam is | Image by Werner Reichel

Aszure Barton + Bayerisches Staatsballett


Next week in Chicago

Tickets are available here!

Brilliant Barton

“Performance and craftsmanship seamlessly fused into some very superb dance.”


Havana-based contemporary dance company Malpaso—whose name, jokingly, means “misstep” in Spanish—skillfully blend unfussy ballet, their native Afro-Cuban tradition, and intensely physical modern dance. Malpaso peforms at the Rialto Center Feb 11, at 8 p.m.

Aszure Barton’s Indomitable Waltz  (image by Judy Ondrey)

Austin, Texas + Atlanta, Georgia

Malpaso Dance Company will perform indomitable Waltz tonight in Austin and Saturday evening in Atlanta!

Click image…

Lizbeth and Dunia rehearsing Barton's Indomitable Waltz

Lizbeth and Dunia rehearsing Barton’s Indomitable Waltz


return to patience

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/202571750″ width=”640″ height=”361″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Summer 2017: Springboard Montreal + AB&A

Springboard 17

Together Our Voices Are Heard

Sweet Juniper - Image courtesy of Jay Erickson & Katie Rose Hillegass

Sweet Juniper – Image courtesy of my friends Jay Erickson & Katie Rose Hillegass #womensmarch

Cuba’s Malpaso Dance + The Joyce Theater

Malpaso Dance Company in rehearsal with Aszure

Malpaso Dance Company in rehearsal with Aszure

CBC News: Aszure Barton + Vladimir Martynov + Mariinsky Theatre

“Canada’s National Ballet School to perform Aszure Barton-Mikhail Baryshnikov ballet Come In”

Click this link to read article:


Aszure Barton's 'Come in'

Aszure Barton’s ‘Come in’

Thank you to all in Minneapolis!

Here are some lovely comments about our performance at Norhrop:

“I have not been so thrilled by a modern dance company since Sage Cowles brought Twyla Tharp here back in the late 60s. Wow. Please bring this company back. What they do is really and truly unique and new. Thanks so much for this performance!”

“The Aszure Barton performance was out-of-this-world. The way the dancers moved their bodies, the sound effects of water, the choreography…..it was incredible!! I’ve passed the word to many people…”

“Holy wow wow wow wow. The BEST dance company I have seen in many years. More than dance. ART. This is something new. Powerful. I am deeply moved.  Thank you Aszure Barton & Artists and thank you Christine Tschida at Northrop for bringing this incredible company to us.”

Interview with an Artist

tobin2“[Awáa] is both light and dark. At once, both joyful and painful. We are born, we struggle, we stumble, we learn, we teach, we float, we sway, we fly, we compete, we destroy, we recover, we create, we praise, we celebrate, we cry, we die, we mourn, we remember, we embrace, we find peace.”


AB&A collaborator Tobin Del Cuore was interviewed for the University of Minnesota blog. Click here to read the full interview.

Tickets for tonight’s performance are still available here!

Performing in Minneapolis Tomorrow!

We are so thrilled to be performing at the University of Minnesota, Northrop Auditorium tomorrow evening, use the code “ASZURE50″ for 50% off tickets. Click here to purchase.

Awáa Vimeo

Join us for Awáa for our final performance of the season!

Great Feedback

“I was so deeply moved by Aszure Barton & Artists’ work. I saw your performance in Toronto this week and I can’t express my gratitude enough… THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Aszure Barton & Artists. Congratulations!”

– Amber Courtney

Kind Words from FFDN

“LOVED ‘s choreography at ! More please ” – 

Awaa: Beyond Stunning

“Awáa: Beyond Stunning. Deeply Moved. All the Feels. You had me on the edge of my seat & flooded my heart last night. Xx #art #visionary #dance#storytellers #grace #ffdnorth #emotion #raw #evocative #power#community #expression #inspiration #aszurebarton” – @rebeccaesmae

Aszure Barton & Artists' Awáa

Aszure Barton & Artists’ Awáa

Canadian Royalty


Tonight at Toronto’s Sony Centre

Globe Oct 2016

AB&A in today’s Globe and Mail


“@newyorkcitycenter – just saw a BRILLIANT company Aszure Barton & Artists – Awáa — the most phenomenal thing I’ve seen in my life!” – Ivette Dumeng

Tobin Del Cuore in Aszure Barton's Awáa

Tobin Del Cuore in Aszure Barton’s Awáa

Brilliant Cast and Choreography

“After a pause, we were treated to a hypnotic performance of AWAA (adapted for Fall for Dance), by Canadian born contemporary choreographer Aszure Barton and her international group, Aszure Barton & Artists. AWÁA translates to “one who is a mother” in the language of the Haida, an aboriginal people living on the west coast of Canada. The piece opens with a large, glowing red ball in the dark at the back of the stage, center, with the talented William Briscoe dancing silhouetted in front of it to mesmerizing music by Curtis MacDonald and Lev “Liova” Zhurbin. When the glow of the ball faded out of sight, I missed it, but not for long, as the brilliant cast and choreography carried me forward, along with an appreciative audience. The dancers performed the musical work with aplomb and deserve mention. Along with Briscoe were Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry, Lara Barclay (the only female in the cast), Tobin Del Cuore, Thomas House, Jeremy Raia, and Oscar Ramos. I have previously seen and enjoyed some of Barton’s works. Awáa is my favorite, to date, making my Fall for Dance experience worthwhile; so I am looking forward to seeing more of Aszure Barton & Artists in the future, a fascinating use of contemporary dance.” – BroadwayWorld.com

Deeply Moved

@aszurebarton “thank you for your work. I am still processing Awáa from New York City Center. I haven’t seen a performance that powerful and moving in many many many years. I’m so deeply moved. thank you.” Don Ripley

Aszure Barton & Artists' Awáa

Aszure Barton & Artists’ Awáa

Awaa is Life Changing

“life changing. So happy I saw it at city center” – Dasha Shwartz

Aszure Barton & Artists at New York City Center this week!

AB&A in Washington Post

AB&A on Tour

More details click here

AB&A in NY at City Center

We will be performing in New York City September 28th & 29th! Click here for information!

Aszure Barton's Awáa

Aszure Barton’s Awáa

AB&A in Toronto at Sony Centre!

I am excited to announce that we will be perform at Sony Centre as part of Fall for Dance North this fall! Thrilled to be a part of this exciting festival @ffdnorth – Tickets go on sale Friday, August 12th at 10AM! Click here for more info: http://www.ffdnorth.com/


Aszure Barton's Awáa AB&A

Premiere in Cuba

Aszure’s new work Indomitable Waltz will premiere in Havana tonight!Cuba

Aszure Barton’s Lift in London this month!

Click the image for details!


Aszure Barton’s Untouched in Los Angeles

AB&A’s Jonathan Aslberry is staging Untouched on Los Angeles Ballet. They will perform the work this season!14211986_1168149393242035_821163846400116696_n

AB&A in Chicago next week!

Join us at Chicago Dancing Festival next month!

Performance 1 (MCA) : August 24th 6pm

Performance 2 (MCA): August 24th 8pm

Performance 3 (HARRIS): Aug 25th 7:30pm

Aszure Barton & Artists - Trio (excerpt from Awáa) - Pictured Jonathan Alsberry, William Briscoe, Brett Perry

Aszure Barton & Artists – Trio (excerpt from Awáa) – Pictured Jonathan Alsberry, William Briscoe, Brett Perry

Postcard from Havana

Aszure and Jonathan send their love from Havana!

Aszure & Jonathan send their love from Havana. Their collaboration with Malpaso is under way!

Los Angeles Ballet

Los Angeles Ballet will perform work by Barton, Balanchine and Cerrudo in their upcoming 2016-2017 season! Click here for more info.


World Premiere in Havana

Aszure’s new creation will premiere at this beautiful theater in Havana this September.

BUSK in Vancouver

Arts Umbrella’s Senior Dance Company will perform excerpts of BUSK (2009) this weekend at the Vancouver Playhouse. Tickets available here!

Tonight's the night! AUDC Season Finale opens at the Vancouver Playhouse and runs until this Saturday. Tickets still available at artsumbrella.com/seasonfinale or at the door.

Tonight’s the night! AUDC Season Finale opens at the Vancouver Playhouse and runs until this Saturday.

AB&A will perform in Minneapolis this November!

We are very excited to announced that Aszure Barton & Artists will be performing Awáa at the grandiose Northrop Theater in Minneapolis this November. Please join us! 

Aszure Barton & Artists; Jonathan Alsberry, William Briscoe & Brett Perry

Aszure Barton & Artists; Jonathan Alsberry, William Briscoe & Brett Perry