Brilliant Cast and Choreography

“After a pause, we were treated to a hypnotic performance of AWAA (adapted for Fall for Dance), by Canadian born contemporary choreographer Aszure Barton and her international group, Aszure Barton & Artists. AWÁA translates to “one who is a mother” in the language of the Haida, an aboriginal people living on the west coast of Canada. The piece opens with a large, glowing red ball in the dark at the back of the stage, center, with the talented William Briscoe dancing silhouetted in front of it to mesmerizing music by Curtis MacDonald and Lev “Liova” Zhurbin. When the glow of the ball faded out of sight, I missed it, but not for long, as the brilliant cast and choreography carried me forward, along with an appreciative audience. The dancers performed the musical work with aplomb and deserve mention. Along with Briscoe were Jonathan Emanuell Alsberry, Lara Barclay (the only female in the cast), Tobin Del Cuore, Thomas House, Jeremy Raia, and Oscar Ramos. I have previously seen and enjoyed some of Barton’s works. Awáa is my favorite, to date, making my Fall for Dance experience worthwhile; so I am looking forward to seeing more of Aszure Barton & Artists in the future, a fascinating use of contemporary dance.” –